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We take pride in providing the most thorough inspections in the business. We are constantly continuing education and reaching out to different sources so to answer many questions on site and educate those who are buying, selling, or property renovation.

Wood Destroying Organisms Come in many forms, including termites, that can be aesthetically displeasing and can be structurally damaging to your home. Grizzly Inspections has experience, extended education, and knows not just what to look for, but also where to look.

Three reasons why mold in the home is bad; aesthetically displeasing, structurally damaging, and it's a health hazard. Mold in the home can grow very rapidly and can stay hidden. One of three signs you should consider a mold inspection; if you visually suspect mold, water related damage, or musty odors.

New construction isn’t always perfect. Builders are aware that new construction may have issues within the first year, so they often offer a builder’s warranty If defects related to the original construction are discovered. Defects with a system or the structure might not show until they malfunction or require serious repairs. Hire an experienced and trained home inspector before you will have to pay for it out-of-pocket, even if it was a mistake from the original construction.