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Inspection price is based on total square feet (sq ft)

Prices start at $285 (ADDITIONAL FEES MAY APPLY)

Prices subject to change




$25 off home inspection for first-responders, healthcare professionals, educators, retired/active-duty military.

Home Inspection

UP TO 999 sq ft: $285

1,000-2,999 sq ft: $325

3,000-3,999 sq ft: $350

+4,000 sq ft: +$400

Additional Services with a Home inspection



Sewer Scope

(Third Party)



(Third Party)



Swab – $100

Air – $250

Inspection time is typically 2-4 Hrs.

Organized, prompt, comprehensive reports

Reports are sent within 24-48 Hrs. (typically same day)

Mold Inspection


A mold inspection is a visual inspection to find areas of the home that are conducive to mold growth or areas of the home that could be causing mold growth. This part of the inspection is the most important part. Mold sampling can help locate or determine if mold is present, but a thorough inspection can help prevent future growth.

Swab – $100

Additional samples – $75

Mold swab is a surface sample of assumed microbial growth


Air Sample – $250

(Includes 3 samples)

Air sampling is the collection of mold spores in the air. This is important for comparison with the mold outside of the home